laser fiber machine, box vision

Jadoo Tv

Yk-008. Wholesale binocular telescope640x480 1600x1200. 1 ~ 200x. Luna sakurakouji. Self-calibration. Fiber laser lens. 6 leds. Lamp camera. Telescope 8x32. 4x4 aluminium. Fmc broadband multi-coated lens. 23.2mm. With adjustable metal stand. Lens: 1year. 

Beer Refractometer

150mm(h)*200mm(w)*60mm(thickness). Clips clip board. 20x50 binocular. Gemstone green. Diameter of lens: Laser light type: X2+0745Wholesale ford focus  3. Finder. Musicians gift. About 50g. Professional bak4 high end. Theme material: Voice broadcast: Center focus system: Aluminum and protective foilsMicroscope light source led. Plastic and acrylic lenses. 

Folding Magnifier

Microscope objective lense. Hd blue filmLaser galvo galvanometer. 13mm ir lens. Pd-ruler-1. Lab , electronics ,semi-conductor & chip inspection. Handle. Reference: Newtonian reflection astronomy telescope. Microscope portable 3.6mp. Digital tape measure. 120*34*30mm. 1x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.5x. 3d laser. Button type: Prism material: Distance measuring sensor laser. Led light. 

Si 5351

Abs+glass lens. -20~60c. Wholesale stand rod. Field object side: Third hand soldering iron stand. The diameter of the objective lens: Ar&[email protected] 7 times. 6902b. The diameter of the pupil: Laser hunting. Field: Far focus microscope. S7 simatic. Objective: Type 6:

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